New Kid On The Block

My name is Akash Kumar. I’m a young, fun-loving, adventurous Indian. How I wish I could add “Proud” to that list of adjectives! But fact of the matter is, I’m not a Proud Indian. And as devastatingly unpatriotic as that sounds, I wish I could deny it. I have issues with the way the politics, economy and society functions. I’m not here to whine or mull over things. I’m here to present to the world, my opinions, on various facets. I might not limit myself to the subject of this blog, I’m quite eccentric that way. Or so I’ve been told.

  A lot of people have told me, and keep telling me, that I’m not aware of the real pain and agony one goes through, living in India. I’m supposedly well-provided for. But what I believe, is that I’m in a position to voice my POV on issues that intrigue and irritate me, both at the same time. I can’t promise you’re going to agree with everything I say, but it’ll surely strike a chord, somewhere deep. Grieving always exudes a fragrant incense, all I’m hoping for this time, is that it doesn’t get lost in the smog of oblivion.

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