Troublesome Testosterones

My favourite spot is my study chair (where I do anything but) while I play Pacman (Judgemental eyeroll duly noted). One such slouchy morning, I check my phone to see a “News Alert”. I downloaded the app to feel intellectual. Under normal circumstances I’d have ignored it, but this one managed to shock the living daylights out of me. “…40 year old pastor rapes 17 year old girl…”. Don’t even ask me to extrapolate on my reaction. Imagine being hit by a steel rod and simultaneously given a wedgie. Don’t imagine it. (Been there, done that, regretted it).
For a country with the most number of qualified women, we have a paltry rape justice rate of 24.21 percent. Not only is it dismal, but also regressive to us as a sensibility. What irks me further is the treatment dispatched towards these women after the crime. Rounds to the police, public statements, defamation by society, the scorn of employers affixed to the personal humiliation and dejection.


How many of you girls can look me in the eye and tell me you’ve never been stared at, in all the wrong ways, from all the wrong facets, by all the wrong men? The government has banned police from interrogating the victims. These interrogations were borderline thoroughly embarrassing and were a means used by perverted officials to harass victims. Applicable from 1st March, only a statement to the magistrate is mandatory.
I blame the law though. Unless you create fear in the minds of law-breakers they aren’t going to stop doing it repeatedly. Take a cue from international governments and carry out judgement impromptu. Instead, our coveted rapists are fed Tandoori Chicken and Biryani every effin day. I wish some of the police’s clemency transferred to Mom. (What, I want a world where Biryani never ceases to end). I’ve jotted down a few things I think every Indian woman should keep in mind, while travelling alone. I’m not saying that women need to change. I strongly believe men are the cause and only men, but it isn’t in my capacity to educate them.

1. If you’re alone in a lift with an unknown man who tries making a pass at you, press all the buttons on the lift dashboard. This will cause the elevator to open frequently and he won’t dare to come near you.
2. While travelling by rickshaw, always take down the details and call someone you know (or even pretend to) and convey to them the information in a language the driver will understand. He will now consider it his duty to drop you off safely. The potential assailant becomes the protector.
3. Learn martial arts or any other form of self-defence. You could practise on your partners.
I’m kidding!
No seriously ladies, stop contemplating doing that.
4. Download the Siren app on your phones but don’t abuse it. Use it when required.

I’ve given up hop
e on my country’s law enforcement system. One has no choice when our ministers say horrendous things like “Women should not venture out with men who are not relatives”. Someone please tell Abu Azmi to shut up. We have to be the change we’ve been longing to see. Or atleast, try bringing about one. Relentlessly and unabatingly, keep at it.
The crime of defiling a woman is a harrowing, spine-chilling one and deserves no mercy. Not even a shred.

P.S.: Thank You for all the encouragement on the previous article, I’m grateful and overwhelmed. I’m not one to beg for shares and follows, but I feel this article needs that treatment. Please share it and spread the word. You’d be helping potential future victims.

8 thoughts on “Troublesome Testosterones

  1. Hi, Akash.
    I respect and appreciate your thoughts on the issue and couldn’t agree more. As a female, I know the constant fear the current events have lodged into our minds and believe me when I say this, it feels as if no place is SAFE.

    However, I would also like to point out that there are mainly four kinds of rapes – and the Indian Constitution happens to recognise only one of them – the man on woman rape. In my opinion, the other kinds of rapes should be given equal importance.

    Anyway, as always, I enjoyed your blog post. Keep up the good work!

    • Janvi, thank you.
      You wouldn’t believe me when I tell you I was planning to include man-on-man rape too (I’m not aware about the other two types, pardon me) but I felt like I would include that in another article or write one dedicate to it exclusively. I will surely come up with something on those lines. Thank you once again!

  2. Good job, Kumar. Good use of adjectives and stereotypical phrases here and there. Your blog contains the proper amount Of sass and seriousness to captivate the attention of a reader. It’s rare to see a young man like yourself voicing your social opinion while remaining unaffected by the criticism. I recommend something about the current narrow minded, conservative education system we have in our mists currently.
    If you continue being you, I can assure you posterity is just ahead waiting for you to knock on her door.

  3. Akash, your blogs keep on getting more and more honest.
    There used to be a time when parents used to say, “Haan, mumbai hai yeh, go wherever!”
    Now it’s more on the lines of “Don’t go alone! Call me when you reach! Call me 35 times before you reach too.”

    The society needs to buckle up and really do something.

    Personally, (not that my opinion matters) I think that all these ‘delinquents’ should be left in public. In a market or something with a board around his neck saying “He did it”.
    Let the crowd handle the situation, because obviously, this bastard decided to take “the almost naked girl” situation in his own hands/legs.

    Great read. Thank you.

  4. Your article very aptly speaks about the current scenario of women’s safety in the country. Every morning, it’s really disheartening to read the newspaper.There is not a single day when such atrocious things don’t happen to women. More so, during the peak hours the condition is worse on railway platforms, where many women are groped.
    The safety measures part, is much appreciated.
    I hope that in future things improve for women.
    A very well written article.

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