Oh (Cat) Fish

Article 7
Oh (Cat)Fish!

So I’ve been hooked onto this American reality show called “Catfish” that deals with online relationships which more than often go kaput. (Don’t they all?). What intrigued me more, was the dilemma of who deserved sympathy? The fooler (let’s assume it’s a word) or the fool? One has low self esteem and the other, a low IQ level. It seems to me, that Indian men and women are more gullible than their international contemporaries. Hate me for saying that but it is the truth. And why is that? Is it because we are a nation that still considers sex a taboo subject? (No, Ranveer Singh endorsing a condom brand didn’t help. Sorry). Despite being a sex-starved nation, we still treat it like it’s some goddamn top-secret mission. Being open about it doesn’t seem to evolve into a bankable option any time soon, but being alert is. There are a few ways to prevent your heart from getting “Poked” or your intentions “Blocked” or your love “disconnected”. I could go on with the internet puns all day. (Stop, Akash. They’re bored already).
Evoking the Agony Aunt in me, here are some tricks:
1. Don’t get too attached to anybody you meet through the internet until you meet them in person.
2. Admit it. Everybody is going to lie a little. You just have to decide how much you’re ready to accept and whether the guy/girl on the other side of the screen is compensating.
For example, a guy says he has a Mercedes. Case one scenario, he has a Maruti. Acceptable? Quite. Case two scenario, he’s a homeless wreck. Acceptable? Oh you’ve already fled.
3. Never share any of your credit card details and passwords or lend money to any of these internet “sensations”. More often than not, they’re trolling you. You’re going to be left with a hole in your heart and a bigger one in your pocket.
4. Do not get carried away by sweet promises and sugary compliments and share any personal pictures. You’re jeopardising not only your life and respect, but also that of your family.
5. Always keep your parents in the loop. Going to meet Facebook Aashiq, don’t lie. Provide them with details. As redundant as that sounds, you’ll avoid complications by conveying information.

The internet is a maze you can get trapped in, if you aren’t careful and vigilant. I’m not meaning to say all online relationships end tragically, I personally know people who’ve had found soul mates through it. But that’s because they used it in the right way. Conversely, never lie on the internet. You have no right to blame “Omegle Troller” if you haven’t kept your word either. Social networking sites are a great way to build connections and shed off your inhibitions. Don’t malign the platform or misuse it. And if you have any additional tips, share it with me in a comment below!

Also, Go check this informative article out which lists some technical tools to prevent online tension: http://www.datingadviceguy.com/2009/10/16/tools-for-identifying-online-dating-scams-and-liars

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