Locking the Closets

Ever since I launched the blog, I’ve been itching to write about Homosexuality and LGBT rights in India. But given the topic’s sensitivity and scope, I couldn’t fathom the courage to do so. While “Whatsapp”-ing one of my friends about my future plans regarding the website, the topic of Gay Rights came up. My friend advised me to write an article about it considering its requirement and the sudden burst of popularity it has garnered. So, I’ve shed whatever inhibitions I possessed and have decided to engage you in a tete-a-tete. Please be gentle.
Let me begin by declaring that while I’m not wholly against anybody’s opinion, I do have a problem if it’s biased, narrow-minded and fickle. That being said, it’s worse if you mould your opinion to match it to those of your peers and colleagues. 11th December 2013 was supposed to be a good day. The day our country takes a positive step forward, towards modernisation and progression. The LGBT community along with a large part of the residual citizenry waited with baited breath, expecting a positive decision regarding the rights of the community. What unfolded instead, were a series of decisions by our judiciary that mocked the belief of every equality-believing and discrimination-loathing individual around the world.

What I fail to comprehend is why anybody should be bothered about the things that go on in someone’s bedroom. Section 377 states that any unnatural act of sexual activity is subject to criminalisation. My interpretation of an “unnatural act” would be forceful or deliberate. If both the parties are consenting to it, then whose beeswax is it? Our honourable judiciary takes three years to pass judgement on a terrorist’s sentence, and two years to pass judgement on a rapist’s sentence, but everybody suddenly becomes assiduous when it comes to homosexuality. Our politicians have the guts to side with rapists. Additionally a certain politician who goes by the name of Subramanian Swamy tweets “You need to go to a hospital. Being gay is mental disorder.”

We’re being regressive by seconding and supporting a law that was officiated during the British Rule in our country. Dear Government, there are so many other problems in the country right now. Poverty, Unemployment, Rapes, Murders, Slow Growth rate, Extortion. Some sagaciousness on that would be duly appreciated.
What I would suggest/request/advise my contemporaries would be to only create awareness, about this. Not only are people closeted about homosexuality, but also about their views on it. Everybody reading my blog is a part of the intelligentsia and is in a position to generate public opinion and mould it on the basis of facts and logic. We’re at an age where we can propel rationality in the minds of our forthcoming generations. The more we are discreet about this, the more we’re supporting the redundant law. And doesn’t everybody have the right to freedom as long as it doesn’t have negative consequences on the people around them?

Hereby, I present to you a wonderful poem by my super talented and upcoming poetess friend, Aranya Johar.

When I raise my son up,
I will tell him, you aren’t a boy,
You are a human.

And I will teach him, love isn’t about gender,
Love is about fulfillment.

And the day he will come and tell me
“Mother I am in love.”

I won’t ask ‘what’ he is in love with,
rather a ‘who’
Does he or she make him happy?
And if i get a yes in response,
It is sufficient for me

When I raise my daughter up,
I will teach her not to feel sympathetic for
those who love others of the same gender,
Rather I will tell her to learn from them

How easy is it to love someone regardless
of how they look or what they are, but
actually love someone by WHO they are.

If my children come to me and tell me
That they are gay or lesbian,
I will hug them, for to them,
what gift is better than acceptance?

And if I happen to see 2 white gowns picked
or 2 bowties picked on their wedding day,
I will smile, because

On her wedding day, I will know
The white gowns they wear will be in no compassion purer than their love

Or on his wedding day, I will know
The best men are not the ones behind the
grooms, but the best men are the ones
reciting their vows

And if my child accepts a person irregardless
of their sexuality, I will know
That I have achieved enough to say-
I have brought them up well
For, love is not about what you are,
Color, age, caste or race
It is about who you are
Who you are, when you look into the mirror
And see that face.


Honestly, we’re not achieving anything by locking the closets.

3 thoughts on “Locking the Closets

  1. Okay dude I am not against gays or lesbians…….but my opinion is that ,that is how the world will end……in the bible,quran and bhagwad gita there is a place mentioned which is destroyed because more than half the population is gay or lesbian….so i believe ice caps will melt….judgment day will arrive…

    • Your first sentence and the rest of the entire para clash. Stop being an overtly judgmental and contradictory person.
      The bible says a lot of things and I’m pretty sure you don’t believe and follow every one of them. SO calm your mammary glands and chill the fuck out.

  2. I love the way it is written and your views are sharper than a sword.
    Do tell your friend that her talent was appreciated and that the poem is beautiful. 🙂

    I love how you didn’t say “I support Gays and Lesbians,” I am so tired of hearing that. Why are there even terms of those sorts? We don’t refer to people as ‘The Straights” when we’re talking about people who like people of the opposite gender. Gosh!

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