Teenage Trauma 

The past couple of posts have been intense, to say the least. So I’ve decided to do something a little light-hearted, in alignment with the fact that it was Halloween just a couple days ago.

  Here’s my list of 5 Things that the 21st Century Teenager is most afraid of. Leggo
1.  ‘That was not meant for you’

So you’re texting the girls about how your crush has the bluest eyes in the world and who do you accidentally send it to? Your crush. And then the customary ‘I wasn’t talking about you if you thought so’ text just makes matters worse. I once sent a text to my best friend which read ‘Emily Ratajkowski uploaded topless selfie check‘. That’s normal, right? Except that it got sent to my English tuition teacher. (P.S. @emrata on Instagram, I saved you a Google Search). 


2.SOS- Save our Selfie

I take most of my selfies on snapchat. Partly because I like the filters and partly because I’m a basic b*tch. And if you use Snapchat you know the struggle, saving a good picture before you send it or rushing your friend to Screen-Shot it before they’ve already opened it. Do not pretend like you don’t do it, we’re all guilty. Recreating a good deleted selfie is more difficult than listening to Hotline Bling (just kidding that song is a guilty pleasure) 

3.Cry, Bye

I really need to know if I’m the only person who gets uncomfortable in the presence of other people crying. If I’m to be brutally honest, it makes me laugh. Especially when said person cries and then smiles and says ‘No, I’m fine!’. And continues to sob. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a trap. They just want you to keep consoling them. And it gets harder because 90% of us look ugly AF while crying. Let’s just put it out there. 


4.Scrolling in the Deep (two Adele references winning at life)

Raise your hand if you’re the official ‘photographer’ in the family. That responsibility brings with itself a thousand conjectures. Every Aunty wants to see how she looks in the picture. And I get it, you can see yourself, you can approve of yourself. But my heart skips a beat when these Aunties scroll through my camera roll like it’s everybody’s goddamn business. Now I’m a smart guy, I know how to protect the privacy of my phone but the sleuthing skills of Middle aged aunties would put Sherlock to shame. Every dilating fingertip brings me closer to my grave. 

5.Overthrown without Earphones

I have a problem. My addiction towards my earphones is unhealthy. You’ve left your home, you’re going to be out all day, fishing for em’ earphones in your bag… Can we just address the multiple issues here? ‘How am I to listen to Adele 10 million times today?’ ‘How am I to ignore people I don’t want to make eye contact with?‘ ‘Will I actually have to talk to people today?!‘ 

So, that’s my list of 5 things Teenagers are most afraid of. Leave your additions in the comments section! 

 P.S.: Thank you for all the love and support on the previous post, it means the world to me. x

13 thoughts on “Teenage Trauma 

  1. It was a pleasure reading your article
    as always! You really point out the facts that we teenagers actually do but deny most of the time.

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