Who’s the Better Best Friend w/ Amani Nagda

For as long as I’ve known her, Amani has been a highly competitive person. Given the fact that I share her level of aggression, It’s no surprise now, after 8 years of acquaintance, that we’re best friends. So I decided to put this friendship to the ultimate test- Who’s the Better Best Friend Challenge.  

 AK: What are we doing today, Amu?
 AN: Your blog, shouldn’t you know?
AK: This is what I’ve been dealing with for 8 and a half years now. Where is my Nobel.

 We’re going to be asking each other a set of five questions about ourselves and whoever gets more answers right wins. 
AN: Wow! Wins what? 
AK: Oh I didn’t know you wanted me to get you something
AN: What is this, You make me cancel everything and I don’t get anything in return. Yay me.
AK: Getting right to it, who’s going first? I’ll go first. 
AN: Thanks for taking my opinion, Akash.

AK: What’s my favourite movie character?
 AN: Has to be Poo from K3G don’t dare to say I’m wrong! 

AK: It’s Poo!

AN: Next question, what are we waiting for, Christmas? 

AK: What’s my biggest phobia?

AN: Based on your last post, deleting a good selfie. Who cares about poverty, unemployment when you have natural lighting.

AK: Wrong, sass queen. It’s bugs. That was easy.
AK: What is my all-time favourite TV show?

AN: The Kerry Washington one, I don’t remember what’s it called.

AK: Correct, Scandal! Anybody who follows me on social media will be knowing that. 
AK: What was my most and least favourite subject in High school?

AN: English because. And commercial applications? Your lease favourite was Art. Don’t deny.

 AK: You got them right except Comm Apps, yuck. How do you know about Art though?

AN: Clearly you’ve forgotten how you used to make me do all your assignments
AK: What are my favourite Pizza toppings? 

AN: Sausage and pineapple, you like sweet and salty.

 AK: No, it’s wrong! It’s bacon and tomatoes. I see the confusion though, I’m not much of a pizza fan..

You don’t like Pizza? We can’t be friends
You scored an impressive 3/5. Let’s see if I can do better.

Your turn, go.
AN: What’s my biggest pet peeve?

AK: People eating your food without permission and pretentious people.

AN: Fake people, correct.
AN: What’s my most favourite thing to eat?

AK: Chicken lollipops!

AN: Are you sure? 

AK: I’ve never been more sure of anything in life. You know someone loves Chicken Drumsticks when they can eat them at 7 in the morning.

AN: Can’t argue with that.

AN: One person I can talk to for hours without wanting to kill them (excluding yourself)?

AK: There are very few people who you don’t want to kill but I’m going to go with Rihan and your sister!

AN: Not my sister, are you kidding me? But yes correct. 
AN: What’s my favourite thing to do while unwinding?

AK: Reading, doodling and writing poetry. You’ve been uploading a lot of emotional stuff on IG tell me why. 

AN: Moving on
AN: Favourite Hollywood and Bollywood actor? 

AK: So by favourite you mean hottest because you’re quite shallow that way. I’m going to say Sid Malhotra and Zac Efron.

AN: Okay I’m impressed. 
You, Akash Kumar, managed a 4.5/5.
I won! Ha! Do you have anything to say?
I asked you easy ones, I feel lame!
You’ll get over it. I won fair and square.
You sabotaged me. I don’t know how but you did.
I hope you guys liked it. If you haven’t checked my previous post, you should:


You can check out Amani’s short prose and poetry on her instagram: @cookiesandeverythingnice

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