Reviewing the VS Fashion Show w/ Aditi Bobby

Once a year, we, mere mortals are treated to a carnival featuring Goddesses that defend from the mighty skies. They give us a taste of what perfection looks and feels like. Once a year, our self-esteem plummets to the ground, where it will remain till the time we can blur the memory. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 had all the ingredients of a beautiful, mystical, night. I decided to Review/React to it because A. It’s something I’ve never done and B. I love myself some irony. To make sure you guys took me seriously, I thought of having a guest, someone who actually knows about this stuff. I’m collaborating with Aditi Bobby who is a makeup guru and a beauty/lifestyle blogger. Read on to find out who we thought looked the most angelic during the VSFS 2015!
Special Mention:

Taylor Hill

AK: Not much can go wrong if you look like this. She’s one of my favourite people on social media. Taylor looked hot AF wearing what resembled a BDSM gear in this black and cranberry number. It was frilly and tasteful. 

AB: She’s MY FAVORITE. I think she barely had any face makeup on(other than foundation and concealer). Super bare eye-shadow with a pitch black eyeliner made her beautiful ocean blue eyes the focus.

AK: But didn’t make our list because Tay looked like a sophomore playing dirty dress up for her freshman boyfriend. 

In reverse order…

5. Romee Strijd

AK: I have to admit I don’t understand what she’s wearing but if Eskimos look like that, I’m booking the next flight to the Poles. 

AB: Her blush and contour and inner corner eye highlight caught my eye. Never have I seen the holy trinity fit any better together. The peachy coraly blush with the natural bronzer made her look like she just got off the beach.

AK: Barring the expressionless face, she’s ticking all the right boxes. When in Rome(e)… 

4. Lais Ribeiro

AK: How someone could look like that is beyond my comprehension. Lais has the body of a Dream and the face of an exotic Arabian princess. It’s beautiful to see diversity at the VS shows and it’s the confidence, strut and sass of models like Lais that makes it possible. Werk.

AB: HER TAN WAS EVERYTHING. The contour was so on point my heart couldn’t take it. I like how they did do a smokey eye on her but it was everything but intense. Something you could probably wear for date,and spice it up with some red lips for a night out in the town. And her head piece got me screaming QUEEN. 
3. Kendall Jenner

AK: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and/or are above the age of 50, you’ve seen this look. I’m offended if you don’t know I’m the biggest Kendall supporter there is. She looks magnifique in this ocean blue piece.

AB: She’s not like her sisters when it comes to makeup, very subtle and classy. During the show it self, her makeup was extremely elusive. Yet so so sexy. They managed to get her to stand out, with minimal makeup and I think that’s something young girls should follow.   

AK: If any of us looked even a fraction of what she does…
2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi looks like the butterfly that didn’t need metamorphosis. What I liked in particular were the black diagonal butterfly shaped wings. 

AB: Her hair was to DIE FOR. The color,the waves,oh my my. Gigi’s makeup was a lot very minimal looking but the intense black eyeliner made her eyes stand out. Which I think is fabulous. Its a nice makeup tip for everyone. You could go super lowkey all over,and bring out a feature you want to with an intense color.

AK: Between Kendall and Gigi, Ken is always the more prominent best friend. But this round sure went in favour of GG. Bow down.
1. Candice Swanepoel

Pop quiz: Who can make even a glittering body suit with white feathered spokes for wings look downright enchanting? Yes you’re right, give yourself a cookie. Best Hair, best eyes, best face, best personality, best walk, best gaze. 

AB: She’s everybody’s favourite, I wouldn’t question why. The gold highlight on her face and inner eye corner made her tan pop and that’s a nice tip for most of my not so tan goddesses. 

The eyeliner and the extension of the eye-shadow help elongate her eyes. Again,super subtle but with golds and bronzes. 

AK: We at AkashKumarExistence aren’t worthy enough

So, that was fun, thank you for doing this Aditi, honestly there wouldn’t be anybody else that I’d do this with! 

Also, I’m permanently moving to Brazil and never eating again. Yes.
You can follow Aditi on her Instagram- @muaxadii
I’d like to make it very clear that neither of us are condoning or endorsing any body type, ethnicity or the likes. This was a light hearted silly thing I decided to do because of just how out of my comfort zone it is. Please don’t take it seriously. I’ll see you soon!

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