Boggled Bloggers w/ Tanishq Quraishi

I’ve been blogging for over 4 years now, and while it’s been the most enriching experience in the world, it’s traumatising too. I had the supremely talented Tanishq Quraishi come over and share with me the problems she has as a blogger, and I hear her. Loud and clear. The stage is yours Tanishq. 

You know the difference between doing homework and your mom yelling at you to do your homework all the way from the kitchen in this high pitched sound over the mixier- grinder? That is how blogging is. It is persistent and annoying. I dislike it but it’s how I reach the deepest emotions; an eternal journey in touching base with who I really am, painting shades of colours that only exist in my own little universe. It’s basically alcohol. Neat alcohol.Here is my list of reasons why Blogging Boggles me.

1)Time lines

You start with this huge announcement- 3 posts a week!! Make sure to subscribe!! Like gurl, you can’t paint three nails right you really think you can write three whole posts without sounding chipped, lumpy and lacking all sense of consistency?
2) Formatting

It needs to look nice. Unlike every other draft. Exhibit A-DRAFT: you cant pajnt three nails tiehft you rly think you can fucking type three pists bitch betyer have my money!!!

FINAL DRAFT: ” can’t paint three nails right you really think you can write three whole posts..”
3) Diplomacy

MOST, and I do mean most bloggers try to sound as diplomatic as they can. And it isn’t being fake or hypocritical, it’s usually how we’re wired. I mean if we weren’t self critical and censoring we’d be working for Charlie Hebdo. But here we are!! Alive.
4) Most Interesting Man In The World

Bloggers try to sell their stuff by adding colour and life to their usually dull, word filled posts. It’s 2015 : if there’s no meme and the use of ‘tbh’, are you even deserving of that Pulitzer?

5) I have needs 

Bloggers take blogging really seriously. Especially if they’re camping in the woods with no access to the internet and their last marshmallow managed to catch fire along with their stick and sleeve. There is a constant NEED to blog about things in the oddest of times. Like I’m up here making out with my boyfriend and I realise his shirt looks like the colour of deep fried samosas?? You can expect a post about Mumbai rains, junk jewellery and DDLJ in Maratha Mandir in less than 20 minutes. (psst, stay tuned!)
6) Your boyfriend will dump you Refer to point no. 5. 

7) Other bloggers

It’s not a dog eats dog world, it’s a blog eats blog one. 

But on a serious note, blogging is absolutely wonderful and if you’re someone who wants to and isn’t sure about it, trust your instincts, listen to your heart, follow your passion, watch the horizon and dig inspiration from old, rusty utensils and your boyfriend’s shirt, and well, don’t do it.

You should check Tanishq’s devastatingly good blog out on which I listed reasons why the Holiday Season gets me all stressed out! Here’s the link:

I’m hoping it turned out funny..
 The accuracy of Tanishq’s points connect with me on a spiritual organic level, I can’t even. I’m so happy I’ve managed to collaborate with this talented eclectic human being and honestly, I can’t wait to have her on AkashKumarExistence soon enough. I’ll see you next time.

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