2015 in: Pop culture

2015 was great for social media in general. One Direction lost a member, The Dress wasted our time and Kylie’s lips became as big as Kim’s butt. Let’s have a run-down of every thing and person who turnt up this year. 
1. #CallMeCaitlyn

Bruce Jenner has always been a popular man. He was an Olympic Gold medalist, winning the decathlon in 1972. He married Kris Jenner in 1991 and has two beautiful daughters- Kendall and Kylie. But in 2015, he paused the world. He transitioned to ‘Caitlyn’. He made his first appearance as a beautiful woman on the cover of Vanity Fair with an exclusive interview. It makes me so happy to see her live her life as a happy woman. I can’t imagine someone to be so u happy with themselves for 60 years and the relief they experience after doing what they want. For her to take such a drastic step despite being such a popular figure, amidst such scrutiny is brace. We, as educated, well-informed human beings need to support her decision which will pave the way for many young boys and girls around the world to embrace their bodies. 


2. #TheDress 

Let’s go back to the time when the dress didn’t exist. There were real issues to be discussed- politics, sports, who the best Kardashian is. But on February 27th, 2015, the Internet couldn’t digest the controversy of whether it was ‘black-and-blue’ or ‘white-and-gold’. Look, I don’t really have an opinion on it but if you forced me to say something, it looks white and gold. A research stated that women and old people saw it as ‘W&G’ which comes as no surprise to me because I’m an old woman on the inside. The dress is definitely one thing we need to leave in 2015. 


3. #LoveWins 

In what was an emphatic victory for the LGBTQ community all over the world, the United States Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage on June 26th, 2015, with netizens flocking to social media to express their joy over the decision. It’s funny how this took so much time and how this hasn’t happened all over the globe. It feels like I’m doing a review of 1915, not one of a hundred years hence. The pictures and videos uploaded by so many people on their Facebooks and their Instagrams made me feel gooey on the inside. Their blatant relief expressed just how much they had suffered trough bullying, humiliation, family disapproval and discrimination. In all its entirety, love won.


4. #PrayForParis 

The world united in grief over the terrorist attack on Paris, a second of its kind in the same year after the infamous ‘Charlie Hebdo’ incident. There were charities that were established online that were contributing as relief measures and people from countries all across sharing their solidarity with the Parisians. The attack, touted as an attack on humanity, made us wake up and face reality- we needed answers. The political underbelly bled us to pieces and sadly, it was the citizenry that bore the brunt. 


5. #KylieJennerLipChallenge 

Two Jenner references in an article, it now seems like an accurate review of the year. Kylie Jenner grew from being Kendall’s lesser-known sister to a major trendsetter. Whether it was her snapchat, her hair or her sartorial (?) fashion choices, she kept abuzz. But nothing consumed social media as much as the Kylie Jenner’s injected, botoxed, lips. They sparked such a rage that it saw many young teenage girls perform what has now come to be known as the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. It includes sucking into a vodka-shot glass for several minutes thereby stopping the oxygen supply to your lips, ensuing them to puff up. And bleed. And crack. Girls, if you’re going to be idolising Kylie Jenner, you have to question your life choices. I have nothing against her, but you have far more noteworthy role models. 


6. #OneDirectionSplit

Before you skip this one, no I’m not not going to compare One Direction to The Beatles or something. I’m not a crackhead. But I can’t ignore the upheaval that followed after the band announced that one of their five members- Zayn Malik decided to leave. Hormonal teenage girls all over the world were losing their shit over their favourite ditzy group break up. Now why I think this news blew up the Internet is because Hormonal teenage girls run the Internet. Have you ever checked Tumblr? But whatever it is, it was a setback for the music world in 2015. One-D now has one D less. (You’re too young to be on my blog if you don’t know what that means). 


That’s my summation of the year in Pop culture. I hope you guys liked it. Who do you think was the most most trend-setting person of the year? Comment below if I missed something! Also, I’m going to be travelling all of tomorrow which means no data. Which means this will be the last Review of the year! I was supposed to do one more, on sport, to be particular, but I’m going to be on an Internet rehab and I hope you guys understand! This was incredibly fun and I hope I turned the clock on 2015 for y’all! 

You could check my last review here: https://akashakumar.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/2015-in-bollywood/

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