Two year Anniversary

Hello! We meet again. It’s been two years since I started blogging and Akash Kumar Existence is two years old. I thought I’d write about my experience and things like that, but no, this is a blog, not a snooze fest, or worse Awards Acceptance speech. Instead, I’m doing a ‘Types of Bloggers’ you might come across. You don’t have to be a blogger or a writer to identify with the post, I’m sure given how convenient starting a blog is, you know dozens of them. So leggo. 5 types of bloggers and the things they say! 
1. The one-post wonder 

I am a writer and I shall change my Instagram bio and Facebook and let everybody know that I write. But what do I have to show for it? One blog post that everybody loved but I just got too bored to follow up. The mundane isolation and routine of a blogger got a lil’ too much for me and I’m going to let my legacy rest at one post, because it’s better than all your posts put together. So yeah. Go away.
2. The carefree blogger

Deadline is who? Meetings are who? Reaching on time for an interview is who? Proof reading is who? I don’t know this world and I have nothing to do with it. The world should exalt with appreciation over my efforts, who cares about the rest? I’m skating through life and the least my audience can do to help me is acknowledge my humongous talent and not ask for more. Don’t push it before I act out. I’m almost Amand Bynes at this point of the semester. 
3. The Excited Blogger

What are you doing for lunch?

 ‘I’m a blogger’.

What do you wanna do day after?

‘I’m going to be blogging!’

Dude do you wanna go to the movies?

‘Nahhh I gotta finish up my blog post’.

I’m like super busy right now with my blog and I just have so much work to do. I might not be posting anything anytime soon but I still have to tell everyone within a 100 metre radius that I have a blog and I am a blogger and I write blog posts on a regular basis. You should totally check my blog out, it’s actually really good. B L O G.

4. The ‘social media’ blogger 

Okay so let’s be clear. I’m not just a writer or a blogger, I’m a celebrity who has a responsibility. Everyone on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat must know I’m alive and I’m hence going to spam you with every detail of my (in my head, interesting) life. You should just be glad I choose to share it with you. Just embrace the roller coaster but don’t have too much fun because I’m the blogger and I’m supposed to be the one having fun and you’re just a mere spectator. So go back to your corner. 

5. The ‘Collab whore’ blogger 

I just randomly pick up strangers from the street and collaborate with them because haven’t you heard? One is better than two. Unless it’s a Sexually transmitted disease. I pick up more people than effin Amy Schumer from Trainwreck. I’m never too sure of my own work and so I’m going to ask any body I know who can construct a grammatical sentence to write a piece for my blog. Hold up, I see someone on the subway, got a few questions to ask him. I have a Collab week coming up…

So that’s that. To be honest, I’m actually all of these people! Comment below which your favourite one is. 

This has been a crazy journey and I have some super exciting interviews and collaborations coming up. Here’s to many more years of me disappointing you with my sub standard content. Yay you. 

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