Things you forgot your father did for you 

Fathers are the perennial sidekicks of every household. The ones who don’t have a say, the ones who quietly retire to their newspapers and/or laptops on one stink-eye from their better halves. They’re the under-appreciated, sometimes mysterious beings that leave the house for work before you wake up and arrive long after you’ve slept off. Their the ones who you think have no involvement in your lives, who once in a fortnight will ask you ‘Padhai Kaisi chal Rahi hai, beta?‘ and regardless of the response, will nod their head in a way you have no idea of its nature which. Is it dismay? Is it disappointment? Is it satisfaction? We will never know. Our dads are men of few words, and fewer hassles. The incorrigible creatures you think have no role to play in your lives. Only if that were true. Here are 5 things you forgot your dad did for you. 
1. Changed your diapers

You didn’t forget this one, you just didn’t know. Yes they probably did a crap job (pun intended) at cleaning you up, and your mum had to undo it and redo it because you cried over how tight/loose/upside down the diaper was, but your dad did try. He wasn’t gung-ho about it, and it was one of the first responsibilities he had to take up as a newly-bequeathed father and he definitely made a fuss over it, but he did it because he wanted to. And hey, A+ for effort right? (Your mom probably doesn’t agree though). 
2. Taught you how to ride a bicycle 

You might not remember it, Coz you were young enough to not, but yes not only did your dad buy you your first bike, he also taught you how to ride it. You might make it out to be a small deal, but trust me when I tell you, you sucked at it and he really had to work his socks off to teach you. Your bicycle was the first sign of freedom in your adolescent life, where you could take it out, take it for a spin, go meet your friends and race around. Your dad helped you be independent. He taught you travel, independence, balance and competitiveness all in one go. Remember the next time you tell him he doesn’t give you privacy
3. Bought you that exclusive doll/action figure 

Remember that doll that wasn’t available in the market next to your house, or the ones next to that? Or the action figure that was selling only in shops across town? He got you that. He made you feel special, even before you knew what special meant. That teddy you couldn’t sleep without, it was your dad. That video game you wanted so you could one-up your buddies, he travelled miles. He exceeded his luggage while getting that makeup kit from his business trip to London. He got you that soft toy before you cried the second time for it. And he didn’t make it seem like a sacrifice. 
4. Stayed up awake worried for you 

When you snuck out of home for that pool party and saw 5268 missed calls from your mum? Your dad was worried too. He just wasn’t the one calling up. When you got a D on the chemistry test (one of the many times you got a D on the chemistry test) he was worried about your education. When you were sneezing your body weight in snot and phlegm, your mum might have been the one checking your fever, but your dad was the one talking to the doctor, embarrassing himself at 3 am. He probably took down the wrong medicine and he probably had to call again, but that’s not the point hereAlthough don’t let him talk to the chemist ever. 
5. Took bullshit at work for you 

If you’re reading this article on your smart phone or your laptop, you’ve lived a pretty cushioned life. If you’re reading this on an iPad or an iPhone 6S, get out. Your dad tolerated the pesky colleague or the ungrateful boss or the tattle tale subordinate only so you could have all the things you wanted. So your standard of living was elevated and you never complained about the neighbour’s kid having a better gadget or car or some material sh*t that doesn’t even matter to him. So don’t throw a tantrum if he doesn’t get you that phone you want, he’s working to get it. And even if he doesn’t, you need to get off your buttered, pampered little posteriors and get him something for a change.
Here’s to the dads that make sustaining easier and more fun. The misunderstood, under appreciated second-leads who are making it all happen behind the curtains. Here’s to giving your dad a hug because you don’t do it as often. Here’s to appreciating all the sacrifices they’ve had to make for us and the ones they’re planning on making till the very end. Here’s to my dad, who’s never said no to me and never made me ask for something twice. You’re not the side kick, you’re the main act. I love you dad.