Superman don’t need no seat belt

While I’ve received a lot of appreciation for the first article, there has been (quite a lot of) flak. But I guess controversy freeloads with good writing. But what caught my eye, was one personal email reprimanding me to “stop acting like the social reformer I’m not”. And that’s the issue I’ve very willingly decided to address in today’s post.

Whether it stems from a lack of self-esteem, or an overdose of it, we Indians do not believe we can change our country. The ones below the poverty line do not consider themselves able enough and we, the ones above it do not have the time. We don’t go to vote because the lines are too long, we want to enjoy the holiday (read: sleep late) and watch a movie on Showcase. We don’t reprimand a biker sans a helmet or a driver who ignores the traffic signal, because we don’t want to get into a road fight (très traumatic!)

We can make small alterations to our lifestyle, and see people change around us. The only theory I  (barely) understood in Physics class (while rarely paying attention), was that “Every Action has a something and something else reaction”. Well apparently, I wasn’t paying enough attention.

We’re unabashedly vocal about our opinions on cricket matches, Bollywood Movies and Video Games, but dare anyone say anything about something actually worthwhile! The ubiquitous problem with most of us is our attitude. People, we’re empowered. Empowered to do what we want. As the aforementioned Bollywood movies have taught us, we have to be the change we want to see (Thank you Shah Rukh Khan of Chak De! India).

Shouldn’t we channelize our inner Super Man, Bat Man and Captain America And Bal Hanuman and simply, speak? I know the “simply” is underrated, but it wouldn’t be if we do the word that succeeds it. (“Speak”, for the slow ones out there).

Take charge of the situation, before the situation take charge of us. And believe me you, it’s on its way. Faster than you’d imagine. And hope.


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